Tuesday, November 8, 2011

3 Month Recap

Needless to say, my life has changed dramatically in the last 3 months.

When I first began to look at the potential of grad school, my heart was warmed by the thought of a blank map and a willingness to travel anywhere I might desire.

That, of course, led me to Ft. Worth, Texas. And, of course, that was unendingly frustrating for quite some time, but I do love my school and I am getting used to 70 degrees in November.

While being frustrated that I was going to Texas, that move landed me a great summer job in a surprisingly refreshing island of blue amidst the sea of red. Also, my best friend was moving to Texas, so that was nice too. At least if I wasn't going to be too far from home a little piece of home could come with me.

Right before the move that friend and I started dating. So my plan to tackle the city as a newly blossomed single adult changed slightly to excitement that at least we would be close to each other.

And then, not quite 5 months after making the move which was supposed to be my declaration of freedom and opportunity to become a real person-- I realized I had fallen in love and needed to join my life to that boy's life as soon as possible.

That's the basics-- and if I've learned anything, it's this: don't even bother trying to plan your life. If I had things my way I'd be living somewhere on a coast and who knows what else. But somehow I ended up in Texas and God knew what was going on the whole time. This is never how I expected my life to go and I am unendingly happy. God's plans are so much bigger and better and surprising and perfect. So trust and look and walk ahead in faith.

So I've stopped planning. I figure, playing life by ear has worked pretty great so far and God has certainly provided.

This much I know: in 277 days my last name will change and we will start our new family here in this season-less state that I never thought I'd ever call home. And one year from there-- who knows where we'll be?

I thought I wanted an adventure. But God knew that first I needed a partner to adventure with me.

Here's to the unknown, the sweetness of surprise, and a life commitment to my best friend,

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